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streamline your operations FOR SUCCESS with our custom foam packaging! 



  • Are your workbenches or mobile carts a convoluted mess?
  • Are workers are losing time searching for their equipment?
  • Are shift changes a hassle?
  • Do you need a plan for loss prevention?
  • Is foreign object debris (FOD) in manufacturing a concern for damaging product in shipping or in use?

Custom die cut polyurethane foam can provide the solution to your equipment storage needs. Country Innovation and Supply provides the foam innovations you need, like waterproof case inserts into the sensitive equipment protective cases, like:

Custom foam packaging for electronic, industrial and extreme environment protection. Manufacturing companies use for loss prevention, 5S and Lean Manufacturing intitiatives• HPRC Cases (High-Performance Resin Cases)
• Pelican Cases
• Underwater Kinetics Cases

Whether you’re using workbenches or mobile carts for storing tools, you run the risk of losing expensive equipment when tools are misplaced. If a tool or piece of equipment gets dropped into a shipping package by mistake, that’s lost money.  Also, foreign object debris can result in damaged equipment during shipping or even shut down expensive equipment causing downtime in production. These are expensive problems that eat away at your bottom line.

Custom foam packing can dramatically reduce breakage and damage in shipping.

If you need returnable packaging materials, we can provide cross-link beaded polyethylene that is durable and long-lasting. For organizations with “Going Green” sustainability initiatives, this could be a good alternative to foam in place packaging.

So regardless of whether you are looking for custom die-cut foam for equipment storage or need foam packaging solutions, Country Innovation & Supply can provide you with consultative options for the perfect fit for your needs.

Die cut foam with tools, foam cut to exact shape

Imagine a world where your production tools are organized!

  • All the tools are in front of your operators.
  • Anything missing is immediately evident.
  • Organization is part of every good factory.

Backpack case for Diecut foam

Die Cut Foam for tools equals organization and productivity.

With a tool shadowing system from custom die-cut foam, you can have confidence that if a piece of equipment is misplaced, the mistake will be caught before it turns into a problem. These 5S (6S) foam tool organizer solutions that provide for tool shadowing workbenches and mobile tool carts make for simple eyesight inventory that can make shift changes seamless and completely eliminate budgeting for shortages on tools and equipment.

If your company is looking for Six Sigma solutions for lean manufacturing, custom die-cut foam case inserts can be a critical part of your Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing strategy.

Beyond tool shadowing and inventory control, custom die-cut foam packaging is the perfect solution for special shipping needs.

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A “therblig” is motion, in this case wasted time. The old adage of “a place for everything and everything in its place” was actually good industrial engineering advice. Every second your team spends looking for things is a second they are not producing. Die cut foam for tools helps in two ways: 1. It provides a place that is very clearly for the tool and it holds the tool or object in that place very securely, and 2. It clearly indicates if a tool is SUPPOSED to be there and isn’t, making shift transition inspections easy. Give our die cut toolbeds a try. You’ll be glad you did.


Die-Cut makes the Difference!

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Die cut foam pack with guns installed
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