Your supply chain experts We save our clients an average of $40,000 in documented cost savings with our end to end solutions that provide real results and real savings! Country Innovations Hand Sanitizer Towelettes

Get the new Country Innovation Hand Sanitizer towelette packs!

Sanitize your hands and other surfaces with our presaturated 4″x6″ towelettes in 2.5″ x 3.5″ packages.

  • 80% alcohol Ethanol Food Grade Hand Sanitizer.
  • Available in Coconut, Lemon Breeze, or Unscented.
  • White Label available 500M+

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Country Innovations Hand Sanitizer Towelettes

Country Innovation and Supply

Documented Cost Savings

With a portfolio of millions of dollars in Documented Cost Savings, Country Innovation & Supply is your most knowledgeable single-source solution for improving process efficiencies and identifying cost-savings opportunities.

Core business areas we specialize in:

Through innovative supply and distribution strategies, CIS helps our customers take the focus off of their indirect materials enabling them to redirect their resources back to their core business areas.

L E A R N   M O R E

Our Five Step Proven Process

  • Evaluate – we take an in depth look into how you’re currently doing business;
  • Identify – we present what can be improved, offer options and discuss potential outcomes to the areas that can be improved;
  • Analyze – will the recommendations be meaningful to the bottom line, more efficient and/or improve worker safety;
  • Implement – Take action and implement the plan with a coordinated strategy from the Analysis;
  • Document – we leave you with the proof, a Documented Cost Savings “Case Study” of what we’ve done and how and why it works.  All of which is signed off by your executive or management team on a job well done.

 Case Study

Client: ISG Infrasys
Savings: 7,000.00 per month

ISG Infrasys is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras for the highly specialized field of firefighting.

Learn how Country Innovation and Supply was able to save them over 100,000k annually.


CIS offers thousands of products and numerous services. Our vast umbrella of product offerings and services is what gets our customers attention, but our value beyond the product is what retains them.