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Material handling EQUIPMENT is an essential part of any manufacturing or distribution facility.

When it comes to your warehouse, the right products include the right material handling equipment.  To make production, you have to have the right kind of production equipment. It’s important to have an expert in material handling and production equipment on your side. These experts are mission critical and are a vital part of meeting your company’s expectations of efficiency and safety in your warehouse or factory.

Country Innovation and Supply works with best-in-class manufacturers of material handling equipment.  We can find the solutions to improve efficiency, increase throughput and ensure safety. 

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  • Workbenches
  • Warehouse racking
  • Quantum storage systems
  • Storage bins and wire racks
  • Materials movement equipment

     Our value-added services such as tools shadowing with die-cut foam, warehouse labels, and warehouse signs often go hand-in-hand when implementing new workbenches, warehouse racking, and carts for 5S (or 6S) lean manufacturing.   Whether you are implementing a new or expanded warehouse, updating an existing factory, a distribution center initiative, or any other supply chain need, Country Innovation and Supply is your supply chain partner of choice.

    We can also help design and implement packout stations and integrate them into the flow with our warehouse labels and warehouse racking.  Planning the logistics design and material flow in your warehouse setup is a critical component of efficiency and safety.  Designing new packaging stations, adding or updating workbenches or looking to barcode your warehouse racking for inventory tracking are all critical components of efficient material flow and effective operations. 

    Country Innovation and Supply team has extensive experience in assisting clients to find the right warehouse equipment that will allow them to dramatically improve efficiency and throughput.  Better efficiency means lower labor costs, which means cost savings. 

    If you are engaged in making or shipping products and you’ve been doing it the same way for as long as you can remember, the Country Innovation and Supply team can find ways to increase efficiency, throughput, and improve safety in your systems by eliminating waste and non-productive processes.  If you’re just getting started or are going through rapid growth and need better ways to scale or just keep up, we can provide the handling equipment and expertise that will allow your factory, warehouse, or distribution center’s systems to keep pace with your company’s needs.

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    Equipping today’s supply chain with the equipment of tomorrow.

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