Operations Management Software

Operations Management Software

Information is one of your most valuable assets. Accurate and timely information allows you to make more profitable decisions. Do you have the tools to cost effectively manage your vital information? By using
CIS OMS operations management software your answer can be “yes”.

The CIS OMS Supply Chain and operations management software provides a flexible and extensive framework to map your actual production operations. This framework allows you to capture vital operational data at the most logical process points.

CIS OMS software provides quick and accurate data collection by integrating state of the art bar code scanning and labeling technologies. Portable collection devices allow reliable, an efficient collection of data directly from the source, whether that is the factory floor, work cells, receiving dock, warehouse or call center. This vital information enables your staff to manage operations more efficiently, measure processes more accurately, and improve productivity.

CIS OMS is designed for use with today’s industry leading relational databases to ensure full scalability and connectivity. CIS OMS will complement your existing investment in information technology infrastructure and strategies. CIS OMS management software combines data collection technologies, automating the collection of data, processing, and the delivery of this critical information to the people that can have an impact on the bottom line – that is what CIS OMS software delivers to you.

From the warehouse floor to product delivery, mobility solutions provide access to information in real time and help automate operations, ultimately creating a seamless, error-proof work environment.

Inventory Control


Process Flow / Labor Tracking

Shipping, Receiving, and Supply Chain

Take your Enterprise Mobility to the Next Level with CIS OMS: Powerful, Flexible, Profitable.

Drive down operational costs while increasing employee productivity, ensuring accuracy and traceability, with software designed to enhance your wireless infrastructure and mobile device solutions.  Integrate with Legacy/CRM/Accounting Software Including SAP- MAS90 – Oracle – QB and others.

The Framework

In order to meet your operational needs CIS OMS was developed around a framework that allows you to map CIS OMS to your processes. This framework allows you to cost effectively measure, record, and trace your daily operations providing you the information to make informed decisions. The framework benefits are; simplicity, traceability, integrated state-of-the-art bar code scanning and labeling technologies.

Our database structure and design allow software developers to modify database views and stored procedures giving the user a powerful total solution.

All CIS OMS modules allow you to easily manage data from multiple bar code wireless platforms and the web, utilizing the CIS OMS objects layer.

Ease of Use

CIS OMS is designed to be a user-friendly Windows, Android and IOS application. The interface groups allows the user to quickly perform common functions. Each user can define their own set of views and grids to display the data that is critical to them.

Product Support

To ensure a smooth start-up, technical support is provided by your CIS OMS installer free for the first 30 days. Free technical support is for standard CIS OMS installs.

Annual support agreements are available and include technical support, free maintenance releases, and notification of major upgrades. The support agreements can be purchased directly from your CIS OMS installer or distributor.

CIS OMS Basic Framework Modules:

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Work Flow Management
  • Kitting/Bill of Materials
  • G/L Export
  • Order Processing
  • Order Verification
  • Integrated Bar Code Scanning and Labeling Technologies

Inventory Control

The CIS OMS Inventory module effectively maintains your inventory with physical inventory and cycle counting capabilities. Powerful utilities such as serial and lot number tracking, creating your own inventory classification, and setting inventory triggers allow you to keep up with the demanding pace of a warehouse environment. Use the built-in reports to monitor and manage your inventory.

  • Inventory List
  • Inventory Total Cost
  • Items Scrapped
  • Part Quantities on Hand
  • Reorder Suggestions
  • Overstocks
  • Part Consolidation
  • Part Consolidation-Negatives
  • Inventory Sold
  • Physical Inventory-Preparation
  • Physical Inventory-Reconciliation
  • Bill of Material-Simple

Shipping and Receiving

Use the CIS OMS Shipping and Receiving module in conjunction with the Inventory Module to create a perpetual inventory system that maintains an accurate and up-to-date inventory. Create receiving documents by purchase order for inventory or work orders. Also, use the Shipping and Receiving module to manage RMA’s

Use the shipping process to aid warehouse order pickers in verifying that all orders are completed and shipped. Never over-ship or under-ship a customers order again. Deliver on-time shipments every time.

Create shipment documents; perform put away transactions, transfer, and move inventory items utilizing the CIS OMS portable data.

CIS OMS Shipping and Receiving Reports

  • Packing List
  • Reorder Triggers
  • Shipment Received
  • Vendors Orders-Open
  • Vendors Order-Closed Shipping Orders
  • Returns to Vendor-Not Shipped
  • Returns to Vendor-Not Cleared
  • Returns to Vendor-Cleared

CIS OMS Shipping Inventory Reports:

  • Inventory Price List
  • Shipment Received
  • Count Sheet
  • Serial Number Trace• Packing List
  • Slowest 50 Sellers
  • Slowest 20 Sellers (by %)
  • Order Pick List
  • Top 20 Sellers (by %
  • Top 50 Sellers

Inventory Management

Customer Orders:

Determine inventory availability, shop floor capacity, and employee availability by creating build-to-order or build-to- inventory orders with the customer order module. Use powerful utilities such as order duplication and split order to increase your shop floor flexibility.

Request parts for a particular order or inventory and determine the status of awaiting parts for open or pending orders.

Always know the status of your customers orders and be confident it will be completed and be ready to ship on schedule.

CIS OMS Customer Orders Reports:

  • Customer Orders-Open
  • Customer Orders-Open Detailed
  • Customer List Detailed
  • Customer Mailing List
  • Customer Contact List
  • Customer Orders-Comp. Detailed

Operations Management

Assembly (Kitting):

Manage your kits and bill of materials by using the CIS OMS Assembly module. Create tasks needed to produce a kit and define the work cells and production steps required to maximize your workflow process control.

Calculate cost and price as well as alternative price to determine your production cost. Place generic parts in the kit to create an extremely powerful substitution of items for easy replacement or upgrading at order time.

Link a file name such as a CAD drawing associated with the kit for a visual representation.

CIS OMS Assembly Reports:

  • Materials Usage
  • Scheduled tasks by work cell
  • Returns to Vendor-Cleared
  • Daily Production-By Work Cell
  • Order Pick List
  • Parts Quantities-On Hand
  • Bill of Materials-Simple
  • Bill of Materials-Detailed
  • Daily Production-Totals By Date
  • Work in Progress

Work Flow Management

Combine the power of job routing, assembly steps, and work cells by using CIS OMS’s Work Flow Management. Map your process to CIS OMS by defining your own production work cells.

Maximize your production process by applying assembly stepson special assembly notes to any bill of material. Utilize serialized or lot inventory to manage your production traceability. Create serialized or lots to completed assemblies to maintain customer purchased traceability.

CIS OMS Work Flow Management Reports:


  • Materials Usage
  • Scheduled Tasks by Work Cells
  • Returns to Vendor-Cleared
  • Daily Production-By Work Cell
  • Order Pick List
  • Parts Quantities-On Hand
  • Bill of Materials-Simple
  • Bill of Materials-Detailed
  • Daily Production-Totals By Date
  • Work in Progress

Take Control of your Data

CIS OMS System Architecture

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