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The correct warehouse labeling and signage solution – designed and implemented right THE FIRST TIME.

You can’t reach your destination without road signs to guide you along your journey. In the same way that a highway has signs guiding you to where you’re going, you need labeling and signage to guide your picker’s journey through the warehouse.

Signs and racking labels are a critical component to increase efficiency, throughput, and eliminate  wasteful activities and movements throughout your distribution center or manufacturing environment.

At Country Innovation and Supply, we have a wealth of resources that will point the way around your operation and insure efficient movement of your products and accurate inventory counts.

Country Innovation and Supply offers label holders, either plastic label holders or magnetic label holders, and if you have unique needs we can find a solution that is going to offer you the warehouse label or warehouse sign solution you are looking for.

If you are planning to expand your operations, building a new distribution center, manufacturing facility, or if you are planning to transform to a cleaner, more efficient warehouse, our warehouse labels and warehouse signs can be a critical component of your warehouse planning and implementation.


For warehouse labeling, we offer:

  • Pre printed Barcode labels with human readable and barcode symbologies (Code 128..)
  • Magnetic labels for dynamic (locations needing to move) or cold storage
  • Synthetic or paper pressure sensitive labels for permanent pallet and pick locations
  • Shelf labels for warehouse pick locations
  • Pre printed inventory rack labels from excel databases to tie into SAP and WMS systems

When it comes to barcode warehouse labels and signage, we provide:

  • Warehouse safety signs
  • Hanging signs for short or long range barcode scanning
  • Barcoded Aisle and racking level location signs and labels
  • Floor and pallet bay locations
  • Warehouse Racking inventory location signs and labels.
Warehouse racks - view from the aisle

Want a nice clean look to your racks? Consider our CleanBeam solution.

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