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End-to-end services for barcoding equipment

Country Innovation and Supply is a leading thermal ribbon manufacturer, and we can make sure you’re getting exactly the right thermal transfer ribbon and thermal labels for the job at hand.

Labels are critical

If a company can’t produce labels at the manufacturing or shipping point, the company can’t ship product.  If you can’t ship, all of a factory’s or warehouse’s fixed costs and personnel are wasted.  A small thing like a label can make a big difference.

Where do you start?

No two manufacturers of thermal transfer ribbons are the same.  Knowing which thermal transfer ribbons print best on certain labels and tags is the key to great barcode image printing. Great printing ultimately means great reads of your barcodes, which means less time spent rescanning and more time producing.  Knowing which ribbons to choose from can be overwhelming for many companies and organizations. Georgia Fortress is here to make this easy for you.

1.  Determine the label

The first step in creating a great scanning program is to determine what type of label you need. Just as important is what type of adhesive is needed on that label. If your label can’t stick to your packaging or your product, it’s of little use and a waste of your time and money. View our user friendly PDF label guide to help us gather data to ensure you get the right label.

2.  Find the right ribbon

After your label is set, you must choose the right thermal transfer ribbon to print on your label. if you will be printing any variable information such as lot, date, consecutive, asset or serial numbers on your labels, your ribbon requirements may change.  One important point to remember is that some labels and thermal transfer ribbons are more durable than others, but these cost more and may increase costs unnecessarily.

Full Service Partner

It’s important to have trust that you are working with a company that will help you find the right product for your specific situation.  At Country Innovation and Supply, we offer end-to-end services for barcoding equipment and supplies of custom and stock label and tag materials.

    • Equipment Service:
      We can also service your barcoding equipment through our Barcoding Equipment Repair and Maintenance portal.
    • Broad Inventory in Stock:
      We offer a wide variety of pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive labels and tags.
    • Variable Printing Services:
      Country Innovations and Supply would be happy to provide a quote if you would like us to handle all of this complexity for you.  For more details on what we offer, please see our Variable Label Printing Services page.

    Call Us!

    If all of this is overwhelming and you just want to make it easy and pain free, give us a call at +1 770 561-5285 and we’ll walk you through everything, we’re here to help with your barcoding compliance needs.  Want to just fill out a form and send it in?  Click here to download, then scan or take a picture and email it to us.

    Assortment of barcode printer film ribbon

    Country Innovation and Supply can assist with:

    • Thermal transfer Resin ribbon
    • Thermal transfer Wax/Resin ribbon
    • Thermal transfer Color ribbon
    • Thermal transfer Wax ribbon
    • Thermal transfer Zebra ribbon
    • Thermal transfer Near Edge Label ribbon

    Country Innovation and Supply is your expert source for labeling and adhesive technologies.

    Want to fill out a form and send it in? Click here to download the PDF and email it to or give us a call and we can do it for you!

    If you would like a quote, please fill in the blanks below and provide us  with an MDS, TDS and monthly or annual volumes so that way we can accurately provide you a quotation through our estimating department.

    Label Quick Docs

    Clean Beam
    Design Services
    Label Guidelines
    Warehouse Spec
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