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The power of procurement:  Our strategic purchasing experts focus on particular commodities that are important to your business.   We get you the leverage that you don’t have today.  We buy and stock your indirect commodities, the ones you don’t have time to focus on, each and every day. Our job is to do the purchasing heavy lifting for you, at an attractive price. Call us to understand what we can do for you. We invite you to get to know us!


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Time is Critical.

In any given day, your procurement team has only a finite amount of time. Time is our most precious resource. You may want to focus them on the commodities that matter, but the fact is that there are certain items that they have to buy to keep your operations running.

Outsource that work to Country Innovations.

We can give you the benefit of our leverage and purchasing power, take that load of work off of your team’s hands, lock in known savings, and give your group more time to concentrate on those direct procurement items that matter, further increasing your savings.  We can also create savings in some of your indirect areas, like labels, by analyzing your needs, recommending lower cost solutions, using our knowledge of these commodities to increase your cost leverage or your efficiency with our documented cost savings program, and return even more to your bottom line.

Finding and working with a strategic distribution partner is a trend in the industry today. Investigate the opportunity now. Don’t be left behind.



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