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Here you will find what makes Country Innovation & Supply so attractive to manufacturers and distribution companies today.

Below you will find a sample of a documented cost-savings performed by CIS. We would love to share many of our other case studies with you showing how we have helped increase efficiencies, better productivity, decreased the cost of ownership and ultimately left a business better than it was before we started working with them.

There are several ways to provide cost savings within a business. There are soft savings and there are hard savings. There are also intangible savings and improvements you can gain. Through our proven process we will walkthrough your operation or application to better understand what it is that you do. This is our AUDIT  process.

We will then identify opportunities and present ideas to then analyze. Through analyzation of your options you can then begin to optimize your products and all your processes. After the implementation of these processes you will be able to document in quality or quantity all of these achievements. We are here to help you do just that. This is our IDENTIFY  process.

After Identifying opportunities where there could be improvements, we the sit down with your team to analyze these opportunities. Are there options? If we couldn’t do this option, what else might we have to do? We are now sorting through the pool of ideas that were created in the identification process so we can make the best decision moving forward. This is our ANALYZE  process.

Now that we are ready to move forward because we have only the best options on the table, we implement the changes chosen in the analyzation process. This is where your business and operations become optimized. This is the paradigm shift your business has been thirsting and starving for. This is our OPTIMIZE  process.

You are now more efficient, profitable, waste has been eliminated, company morale is increased and business is now back on the path in the right direction. It is at this point the CIS team will record the journey that we have just gone through together. A detailed analysis of Hard, Soft and Intangible savings and efficiencies have now been realized. This is our DOCUMENTATION  process.

Now that there is documentation, it is real. Our DCS analysis have been used by purchasing agents, manufacturing engineers and plant managers to receive pay raises at their annual reviews and get better and higher paying jobs at their next place of employment. All simply by having significance in their employment history documented.

Download our eBook, and learn more about our proven 5-step process designed to help you identify and take advantage of cost saving opportunities. In addition, you can learn about clients we have worked with and how we saved them money. Enter your contact info for below to download our eBook.


Example Documented Cost Savings of Facilities

Documented Cost Savings

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Luxottica Documented Cost Savings

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