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From parts on the factory lines to extremely pick-and space efficient storage in the warehouse, the answer is bin storage!   Certainly, bin storage systems can increase storage density on your floor.  As a result, racks and bins in your warehouse therefore minimize pick time because of that density. Your operators can then service several picks in a very short period of time.  Travel time is minimal because the storage is dense and the bins are close to each other. 

For the operator, locating parts on an unorganized line can cause frustration and drain productivity. On the other hand, well laid out assembly, pack-out, and pick modules with our rack and bin storage systems can significantly minimize the time assemblers and pickers spend looking for parts.  As a result, the owner or factory manager sees a corresponding increase in efficiency.

Think about using a bin storage system to improve the security of your parts as well.  For example, using bins, a much higher amount of high-value parts can be stored in existing high-security cages.

For example, we’re aware of one operator who collapsed seven warehouses into the space of one, and did so simply by contracting and densifying their storage.


Warehouse plastic bins in a rack

Country Innovation and Supply bin systems can:


  • Gain space capacity.
  • Provide a Lean storage solution.
  • Dramatically improve organization and efficiency.
  • Reduce loss and scrap.
  • Improve inventory accuracy.
  • Simplify the pick, pack, and ship process.




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